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Reprint keyboard

The process of keyboard reprinting starts by designing the new keyboard layout in line with your needs.

Our printing department has the latest high-tech machinery with a turnaround of 100 pieces per day. We can change languages and refurbish worn keyboards to look brand new. We provide you with all the advantages of a new keyboard: so you get what you want at a cost-effective price.

Service reprint keyboard

What our keyboard printing offers

Our Keyboard Reprinting Service can meet the desired needs of our customers at a very cost effective price. Purchasing brand-new keyboards can be expensive, especially if you are buying in bulk.

Before reprint

After reprint

Prices from

per item* depends on quantity
  • Language Conversion
  • Precision UV Printing Technology & Techniques
  • Accommodate to almost any keyboard layout or design

Keyboard reprint stages

Keyboard before reprint
Keyboard without imprint
Keyboard after reprint
Keyboards comparison
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