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The leading used it equipment distributor in Poland

About US

The story of AT-OUTLET began in 2013. Thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of the owners and the commitment of our team, in less than a few years, we have managed to build a brand that is recognised in Europe and at other regions of the world. We have built a company that now employs dozens of people and supplies both second-hand and new computer gear to retail and wholesale customers in Europe, the United States, Asia and Africa.

New premises - new perspectives

The massive investment project that we have just completed may be approached as the culmination of our many-year efforts and contribution to the company’s development. In Czestochowa, the town where the story of our company began, at No. 342, The Wreczycka Street, we have erected a warehouse hall with an area of over several hundred metres. With this new investment, we have gained new warehouse spaces, streamlined our in-house logistic processes and improved the work comfort of our personnel. Regarding our Customers, the benefits are undeniable, including, among others: an increased availability and variety of goods and even more efficient and trouble-free order processing.