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1. This Privacy Policy of the Online Store Website serves an informative purpose only, meaning that it does not stipulate any obligations for the Customers of the Online Store.

2. AT-OUTLET detal Tomasz Biedroń with its registered office in Częstochowa, 42-200 Częstochowa, ul. Białostocka 47, NIP 5732530680, REGON 15217584 is the owner and collector of personal data processed in

3. The personal data of the Service User and Customer are processed in accordance with the Act of 29 August 1997 on Personal Data Protection (Journal of Laws 1997 No. 133, item 883, as amended) (hereinafter referred to as: Personal Data Protection Act) and the Act of 18 July 2002 on Providing Services by Electronic Means (Journal of Laws 2002 No. 144, item 1204, as amended).

4. The Data Collector uses best efforts to protect the interest of persons this data refers to and guarantees, in particular, that the collected data is processed in accordance with the provisions of law; is collected for specific, lawful purposes and not subjected to further processing that would be inconsistent with these purposes; is correct in terms of its content and adequate for the purposes is is processed for, and is stored in a form allowing for identification of persons it refers to only for the period necessary for achieving the purpose of its processing.

5. Any undefined terms used in this document are equivalent to the terms defined in the Online Store Terms and Conditions.


1. The Data Collector collects, independently or via third parties, personal data of the Customers of the Online Store such as:

1) cookies,

2) utilisation data,

3) email address,

4) name and surname,

5) user name,

6) telephone number,

7) postal address (street, house/building number, postal code).

2. The personal data may be voluntarily provided by the Customer or automatically collected during their use of the Online Store.

3. Cookies or other monitoring tools are used only for the purpose of identifying Customers and remembering their personal preferences to ensure appropriate and effective provision of services required by the Customer.

4. The Customer is personally liable for the data of third parties published in the Online Store and declares their right to communicate with these third parties, thus indemnifying the Data Collector from any liability for unlawful use of such data.

5. The data is processed in the Data Collector’s office and other locations. More information can be obtained from the Data Collector.

6. The data is stored for the period necessary for providing a service for the Customer or a period defined by the purposes mentioned in the Privacy Policy. The Customer may ask the Data Collector to cease the processing of or to remove their data at any time.


1. The data referring to the Customer is collected for the purpose of providing services in the Online Store as well as for the following purposes:

1) Analytics,

2) Interactions with external networks and social media platforms,

3) Commenting on content,

4) Contacting the User,

5) Payment processing,

6) Remarketing and behavioural marketing,

7) Displaying content from external platforms,

8) Management of email addresses and sending emails.

2. The Data Collector processes the Data of the Customers in an appropriate manner, undertaking adequate safety measures in order to protect the data against unauthorised access, disclosure, modification or removal.

3. The data is processed using computers and/or IT tools in accordance with the organisational procedures and methods that are closely related to the specified purposes.

4. In certain cases, the data may be available to specific persons responsible for the website or third parties apart from the Data Collector.

5. The Personal Data of the Customer may be used by the Data Collector for legal purposes: in court or in processes leading to possible legal actions due to improper use of the App or services associated with it. The Customer should be aware of the fact that the Data Collector may be required to disclose the Personal Data by the authorities.


1. The Customer makes a voluntary decision to submit their personal data, however non-submission of the data specified on the Online Store Website and in the Terms and Conditions that are necessary for the conclusion and performance of the respective contract makes it impossible to conclude that contract.

2. The basis for processing the personal data of the Customer is the necessity to perform the contract they are a party to or to perform specific actions before its conclusion at the Customer’s request.

3. In instances where the data is processed for the purpose of direct marketing of the Data Collector’s own products or services, the basis for such processing is the prior consent given by the Service User or Customer, or fulfillment of legally justified purposes by the Data Collector (pursuant to art. 23 item 4 of the Personal Data Protection Act, a legally justified purpose is particularly direct marketing of the Data Collector’s own products or services).

4. The Customers have the right to learn at any time whether their Personal Data were stored and to contact the Data Collector to learn about its content and origin in order to check its correctness or demand its correction, cancellation, conversion to an anonymous form, or blocking of all unlawfully stored data, or object to its use for any justifiable reasons.

5. All requests regarding the matters described in art. 4 should be sent to the Data Collector using the contact information provided in the introductory section of this document.


1. The Data Collector reserves the right to change this privacy policy at any time by notifying the Users about that fact on this page. It is advised to check this page as frequently as possible, paying attention to the last modified date provided in the footer.

2. If the Customer objects to any changes in the Privacy Policy, they need to stop using the Online Store and may order the Data Collector to remove their Personal Data. If no such request was made, the then-current privacy policy applies with respect to all Personal Data of Customers owned by the Data Collector.


1. Apart from the information included in this Privacy Policy, the Online Store may provide the User, upon request, with additional, contextual information regarding specific services or collecting and processing of personal data.

2. The Administrator uses technical and organisational measures to provide protection for the processed personal data that is adequate to the existing risks and category of the protected data, and particularly protects the data against its disclosure to unauthorised persons, interception by unauthorised persons, unlawful processing or modification, loss, damage or removal.

3. More information regarding the collection or processing of Personal Data can be obtained from the Data Collector at any time. Contact information can be found in the introductory section of this document.