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Sell to us! We buy used IT equipment from companies all over the globe

If you plan to replace computers and laptops in a company, company, school or institution and you do not know what to do with your existing equipment, please contact the wholesale purchasing department of We offer the possibility of recovering the satisfactory value of products and effective cleaning of disks with Blancco software, which guarantees data security. We approach each valuation individually, presenting an interesting and advantageous purchase offer


To carry out the initial quote, please send us information about the hardware by attaching a file containing the exact models and brands of equipment you want to sell (for Apple laptops you need a serial number), the amount of equipment and defects of individual products.

It is also worth taking into account the basic parameters of the equipment: Processor RAM , how many GB of capacity, type and capacity of the hard disk , model and type of graphics card. In the case of PCs, additional information such as the power supply is useful.

What we offer

  • Free, individual valuation of computer equipment
  • Refund of up to 60% of the original price of IT equipment
  • Collection of computers in the branch or from the place of notification,
  • Attractive offer of office or facility equipment,
How we works

IT equipment purchase process


1. Sending a summary of the parameters of your equipment


2. Preliminary valuation based on specifications


3. Your acceptance of our quote


4. Picking up equipment from the indicated location


5. Verification of equipment by our specialists


6. Final valuation based on facts


7. Acceptance of the quote and invoicing by you


8. Immediate payment of receivables by our company


9. Attractive offer for newer equipment for you


10. Both parties are satisfied with the transaction

Contact us for more details

Mieszko Wawrzyńczak

Purchase / Sale manager

 +48 668 029 065

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